Q: Why is the name 8Arc?
A: An arc in anime is a specific section in a storyline. 8 is actually the infinity sign standing vertically. So the name is actually Infinite Arc (to let users create an infinite arc movies).

Q: How to make a movie with 8Arc AI?
A: You can prompt using just a few words or type in a script (within 1000 words) including description of the characters, scenery, dialogues, etc. For example: “The Little Red Riding Hood Jedi meets Darth Wolf in the Galactic Forest.” Be creative! You can even try different mediums, specifically: “3d-model”, “analog-film”, “anime”, “cinematic”, “comic-book”, “digital-art”, “enhance”, “fantasy-art”, “isometric”, “line-art”, “low-poly”, “modeling-compound”, “neon-punk”, “origami”, “photographic”, “pixel-art”,or “tile-texture”. But note that the quality might not be as good.  You must specify by using phrases like “…in pixel-art style…”. For example: “The current United Nations political situation in pixel-art style”.  For in-dept information, read how to make a movie with AI using 8Arc.

Q: Why is the movie different from what I typed in?
A: It could be because it detected materials that are copyrighted (eg. storyline, characters, etc.) or thought that the material contains hate speech, adult content, etc. , and modified the story.

Q: Why the movie seem to skip some lines / showed only picture of scenes?
A: Sometimes the AI make mistakes during the production. One way to correct it is to try rephrasing the text.

Q: Why the movie takes a long time to produce?
A: Sorry, we are a bootstrapping startup and processing power is expensive.

Q: Why are there many movies with titles like “The Forgotten (noun)” or “The Lost (noun)”?
A: Not sure, those are scripts auto-generated by Chat-GPT. Maybe Chat-GPT feels lost…

Q: How to download the movies?
A: Mobile: tap and hold on a movie and a menu should appear with the option to download.
Desktop: Right click on a movie and a menu should appear with the option to download.
Function may vary depending on what machine / browser you are using.