How to Use AI to Create a Movie from Text in Just 3 Steps

Creating a movie screenplay is an intricate art that involves storytelling, character development, and dialogue crafting. With the advent of AI, this process can be significantly streamlined. Here’s how you can create a movie screenplay using AI:


Step 1: Conceptualize Your Story, Characters, and Dialogues

Start off with the basics. Begin by defining the title, genre, setting, characters, dialogues, and main plot of your story. 8Arc can assist in generating ideas and expanding on them. You can input basic plot points (a single word, phrase, sentence, or screenplay) into 8Arc, and it will create various story arcs and character developments for you!


Simple 8Arc format screenplay (optional):

You can use the simple 8Arc screenplay format. Remember, these are optional as 8Arc can fill in anything you don’t have.

    • Title
    • Genre: Sci-fi? Drama?
    • Characters
      1. Name – Name of characters
      2. Gender – this is necessary for the voice generation
      3. Physical appearance description – such as age, ethnicity, hair color / style, clothing color / style, accessories, etc.  Be specific with clothing details, otherwise some nudity might occur.
    • Scene – describe the physical environment the characters are in. Label with “Scene” and a number (eg. Scene1).
    • View – What the viewers will see. Start a new line under the Scene description.
    • Line:
      1. Name – Which character’s line?
      2. Action – saying it or thinking it?
      3. Dialogue – What the character say?
    • SFX – Any sound effects for that view? Label it using “sfx”

Format example:

Title: Red Hood: The Jedi’s Path

Genre: Sci-fi

Characters: Red Hood, female, long, auburn hair often tied back in a practical braid. Her attire is a blend of simple cloth robe and the iconic red cloak, symbolizing her unique path. She holds a vibrant crimson light sabre. Lykos, male, a rugged looking, cybernetic humanoid wolf with black fur and yellow eyes, wearing a leather jacket and pants. A prominent scar runs down his left cheek hints at his experience and battle-hardened life. He holds a menacing dark purple light sabre.

Scene 1 – The dense forest of Endor is silent, save for the distant calls of exotic birds.

Red moves with a silent grace, her light sabre clipped to her belt. <== (Example of a “View”. No label is needed.)

sfx: Distant calls of exotic birds. <== (Example of a “sfx”. Label is needed.)

Suddenly, she halts, sensing a disturbance in the Force.

Red (thinks) I’m not alone. <== (Example of a “Line”. No label is needed.)

From the shadows, Lykos emerges, his light sabre ignited, casting a dark purple glow on the underbrush.

Lykos (says): Hey Red. The Empire has a generous bounty on your head.

Red takes out her light sabre.

Red (says): I’m sorry Lykos. They’ve sent you to catch someone beyond your capability…

(…continue the rest of your story)


Step 2: Feed your idea, word, sentence, screenplay to 8Arc

Type or paste it in to the text box, then click / tap on “Generate” button. Wait for 8Arc to generate your movie for you.


Step 3: Watch / Share / Repeat

Watch it, improve it, share it, and repeat!



8Arc is a powerful tool to help you generate the movie you would like. It can enhance creativity, provide valuable insights, and save time. However, the core of any screenplay is the human touch – your unique voice and vision. Use 8Arc as a complement to your creativity!

Remember, 8Arc is a tool to aid in the creative process, but the true essence of storytelling comes from the human experience and emotion that you infuse into the script. Happy movie-ing!